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Where anyone can join & just talk about anything that deal with the anime, or kogals themselves! Post cosplay pics, fanart, fanfics, icons, graphics, anything.

Please do stay in topic though. Yes, you can talk about shibuya, or para para, & fake nails, (cause thats what GALS live for!)You can learn a few things about the anime/manga by looking at the memories!

This community is under new moderation. If you have questions or concerns, please contact paynesgrey. Thank you!

  • No bashing.
  • Respect others.
  • No promoting here unless it somehow deals with the anime or manga.
  • Of course, you must join the community.

Break a rule & I'll bring out these two!

Also please promote!

Thanks a lot to pink_alchemist for making the promo banner for the community! n_n

This community started on december 4th 2005
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