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July 15th, 2010

Mod Post

Making a post so LJ doesn't delete us! Moving on...

October 27th, 2009

Gals! CDs


Hey everyone! I'm selling a couple of Gals! music CDs in my journal.
Please, take a look i fyou're interested! <3

Selling other Japanese stuff in these posts

If this kind of posts aren't allowed, please feel free to delete and sorry!

March 9th, 2009

Hackers Warning

This is a warning that some LJ comms are being hacked when the mods of these comms are hacked. I just want you to know that this community is not being closed. If you see any suspicious entries like this, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. It will download malicious viruses to your hard drive.

Please PM me if you see any spam posts.

For further information on how you can protect yourself, please go here.

Thank you,

The Mod

November 6th, 2008


Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun
Hello all my lovely Gals! I'm Abbie and it's wonderful to meet you! I fell in love with Super Gals a long time ago, but was just recently able to purchase the second season on DVD, and I'm working on getting the first!
Ran is my favorite character, followed closely by Rei.

I hope this community starts to come alive soon, since I would love to be able to talk and interact with other Super Gals fans! There are way too few of us!

March 1st, 2008

A new Super Gals! related community has been opened on LJ, and I wanted to share the link with everyone!

ranxrei is a community for discussion, fanart, fanfic and just about anything else related to Ran Kotobuki and Rei Otohata. The community is geared for all aspects of their relationship: friendship, romanance, and anything in between.

The community is brand new, so it needs some members to get posts going (and even give the community a unique name.) I hope to see you there!

February 6th, 2008

2nd Season


Does anyone know about a set of the 2nd Season being dubbed into English? I have the subtitles version and it is crap(!)

January 9th, 2008


so this is probably the most random icon entry I´ve ever made
Reason: I´m currently pretty busy. Most of these icons were lying around FOREVER and I just can´t find the time to finish this batch. That´s why I´ve decided to just upload this ..... incomplete icon batch - I hope you like it nevertheless.
And that´s also why there are so many random icons (^^'')

And please remember to CREDIT if you snag something! I have my username included in the files, so there´s NO reason for not knowing where it came from!
And if I ever catch those stupid people that are just randomly uploading other people´s icons in a zip-file, I´ll kill them for sure!! (T__T)



Icons in this post: [182]

[08] x 1 Litre of Tears
[32] x Hana Yori Dango (1+2)
[20] x Hanakimi (*spoilers for ep12!)
[17] x Liar Game
[53] x Hungry Heart Wild Striker
[04] x Captain Tsubasa
[06] x Fullmetal Alchemist (BBI)
[12] x Peach Girl
[11] x Prince of Tennis
[08] x Please save my earth
[05] x Super GALS
[06] x Stock

(Cats need some love, too!)

x-posted m(_ _)m

September 3rd, 2007

(no subject)

hey gals!..

im new here..

ahm..i just like to ask if anyone of you knows any websites in which i can download the manga of super gals..



August 21st, 2007

Hey all you Super Gals fans out there! If any of you are interested in roleplaying in the Super Gals universe, check out this new SG rp community: Iron-Clad Rule. Click here to visit!

This roleplay group is brand spanking new, so all the characters are still open and claimable. Be sure to apply for your favorite guy or gal while they're still up for grabs!

Hope to see you there!

April 17th, 2007

Hey what up!

I'm new here and just wanted to say what up super gal peeps!!!!!! I started wacthing super gals in october 2006. So I haven't really wacthed all it I've only up to episode 23. I'm gonna start wacthing it online though. I'm only in three other communities so far girl_gamers hilarrydufffans and last but not least my very own club gals_world. so there you have it.
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